John Lang

John Lang


It dawned on me after completing my undergraduate degrees: I didn’t have the foggiest idea about the world that I lived in. What was this recession all about? What was Al Gore spouting on about? I decided to read — really read. It started off pretty simple: Bill Bryson, Ha Joon Chang and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It soon got more complicated: Jeffrey Sachs, Carl Sagan, Noam Chomsky, Jonathan Haidt. Then I just got confused: Stephen Pinker, Daniel Kahneman, Milton Friedman and John Kenneth Galbraith. But eventually, somewhere indeterminate, a side strand had developed: Tim Flannery, Naomi Oreskes, James Hansen, Elizabeth Kolbert, Mark Lynas and Michael Mann. I was suddenly passionate about something other than myself. A problem for me, and for us.

Climate change is fast becoming the story of this century, and if we don’t get our skates on, it’ll fast become the never-ending story of next century.

The E-nvironmentalist, a not-for-profit climate change and digital publishing platform, was created not because I’m an environmentalist but instead to raise awareness about what’s at stake here. For similar reasons, The Climate Trunk will attempt to make the most “narratively impaired” story of our future more accessible today. It has been said that the financial markets move too quickly, climate change too slowly. In other words, climate change is uncommonly hard to get. And that’s before we arrive at the harder challenge — the getting action on climate change.

Consult Climate has been created to speak to the action part of the climate change story.